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After-Builders Cleaning Blyth

If you're looking for professional cleaners who will conduct a thorough and extensive after-builders cleaning in Blyth, The Sparkle Gang is here to help.

We understand that your home or commercial property can feel completely upended after building or construction work. And our specialised Blyth after-builders cleaning service is specifically designed to set things right and leave your property spotless. Our team of professional cleaners has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to always provide the highest standard of service.

We also know that every client's needs are different, which is why we will work closely with you to ensure that the results from our after-builders clean are exactly what you are hoping for.

What is an after-builders cleaning service?

After the completion of a renovation project or building work, there are still a lot of jobs to be done. Any type of building and construction work in Blyth will inevitably leave behind dirt, dust, and debris, as a side product of the work that has been completed.

Essentially, the aim of an after-builders cleaning service is to completely remove any trace that any building work has been carried out. Your entire property will be entirely clear of any dirt or other debris left over from the building work and will be ready to live or work in comfortably.

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What is an after-builders cleaning service

Do builders clean up before they leave?

As a general rule, no. Your builders won't clean up the mess left behind from building work before they leave, apart from larger pieces of rubble and rubbish. Their job is to complete the construction work and the job of getting the property back into a usable condition is left to you or the cleaning services that you hire.

Why is an after-builders cleaning service important?

You could tackle the job of cleaning after your builders leave you, and many people do, but the type of deep cleaning necessary after building work can often be difficult to achieve alone.


It can take a long time to fully clean up after builders have left. You may not have the time to dedicate to completing the task quickly, and it can be stressful trying to manage such a big cleanup job on top of life's other responsibilities.

Heavy work

While the biggest after-builders cleaning issue is often dust, another major issue can often be dealing with some of the debris that has been left behind. Professional cleaners, like us here at The Sparkle Gang, are trained in removing larger items such as rubble.

Specialist equipment

We bring our own equipment and specialist cleaning materials, which are designed to deal with the heavy-duty cleaning that is necessary after construction work has been completed. These are often materials that you wouldn't normally keep at home and which will be much more effective at cleaning after builders.


As experienced cleaners, we know exactly what to look for to ensure that your property is cleaned to the highest standard after building work. We understand where to look and which nooks and crannies need to be focused on. Our knowledge and training mean that our deep cleaning will be to a professional standard.

Health hazards

Professional after-builders cleaning isn't just about making your property look nice (although it does). It is also about ensuring that you have a healthy home. Some of the materials left behind by building work can be hazardous. This can include debris that could cause injury and dust that can contribute to breathing difficulties. As experienced and trained cleaners we have the skills and knowledge to make sure that your home is hazard and dust free.

Letting the renovation work shine

One of the many benefits of a post-builders cleaning service is that your property in Blyth will be in pristine condition after it is completed. This will allow you to see the full impact of the building work and will make the whole process feel even more worthwhile.

When should I schedule an after-builders cleaning service?

Once you have a plan in place for when your construction project will be completed, give us a call and we can schedule your post-construction cleaning service. Generally speaking, you should aim to have your post-builders deep cleaning done somewhere between 24 hours and two weeks after the completion of the building work. This will allow time for the dust to settle. If the dust hasn't settled and is still in the air, you may find that more will appear on hard surfaces and other areas of the property.

How much do after-builders cleaning services in Blyth cost?

The cost of after-builders cleaning in Blyth will depend on a few different factors. This type of work can range from the dusting of light fixtures, skirting boards, light switches, door handles, door frames, and other surfaces all the way to the removal of large amounts of dust and debris from a construction site. As an hourly-based service, our final bill will vary depending on the type of deep cleaning required, how time-consuming the job is for our builders cleaners, whether you want us to use any alternative products, and whether you have decided to include any extra services with a fee added.

But don't worry, our experienced team of builders cleaners is on hand to take you through all of the details before work starts. When you get in touch with us, we will go through all of your needs, and present you with a clear and easy-to-understand quote. We understand that every client's needs are different and we are always ready and on hand to work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

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What is involved in post-builders cleaning services?

Our post-builders cleaners will conduct a builders clean that is specially designed to ensure that your domestic or commercial property is in perfect condition after construction work. Our team of experienced cleaning professionals have a deep understanding of what is needed to bring your property back to a good cleaning standard so you will always be in safe hands.

We have our own after-builders cleaning checklist but if you have any particular areas you wish us to focus on, we are more than happy to work with you and modify our checklist to suit your needs.

When you get in touch to discuss your after-builders cleaning needs, we can look at which areas of your property have had work completed on them. While these are the areas that will require the most cleaning, the entire property will likely have been affected in some way by the construction work.

This is particularly the case with dust. Because it becomes mobile in the air, it can travel into even the smallest of spaces far away from where the building work took place. This means that the after-builders' clean will often extend throughout the property.

Thankfully, our highly trained team of specialist cleaners has the knowledge and experience to identify all of the areas that need cleaning and bring them to a high standard.

After Builders Cleaning

Examples of after-building cleaning tasks

With a standard professional after-builders cleaning service, you can usually expect the following tasks to be completed:

  • Removal of remaining debris and rubbish left behind
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Internal cleaning of windows, window frames, and window sills
  • Dusting and cleaning of light fixtures
  • Dusting and cleaning of door frames, doors, and door handles
  • Vacuuming carpets, soft furnishings, and upholstery
  • Mopping of hard flooring
  • Washing walls
  • Dusting and cleaning of picture frames, mirrors, and other fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitising of bathtub, toilet, sink
  • Cleaning of the front of kitchen appliances and white goods
  • Cleaning of the outside of kitchen cupboards and kitchen units

External window cleaning, internal cleaning of kitchen appliances, cupboards, and white goods, and external cleaning of the property are not usually included as part of an after-builders cleaning service. If you require these services, let a member of our team know.

Our after-builders cleaning checklist is aimed at making your property pristine following a construction project but if you have specific requirements, our team will help to create a cleaning checklist that meets your needs perfectly.

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Why choose The Sparkle Gang for your after-builders cleaning in Blyth?

We are a leading UK cleaning company who pride ourselves on delivering after-builders cleaning to the highest of standards. Our experienced and fully trained team of cleaning professionals is fully equipped with the best cleaning materials and cleaning products, including professional detergents, and equipment to ensure that our after-builders cleaning service always delivers outstanding results. They will make sure that even the smallest details are just right. And our cleaners are all insured and vetted.

Our after-builders cleaning service is suitable for both domestic and commercial properties in Blyth. We are flexible, reliable, and always professional. And we can arrange our after-builders cleaning services for a time that suits you. For domestic cleaning, we will ensure that your home isn’t too disrupted, and for commercial cleaning services, we can work so that your operational hours aren’t adversely affected

You can rest assured that every after-builders cleaning task will be completed to the highest professional standard. Your property will have all remaining dust removed and will be back to its best condition after your renovation work. After our after-builders cleaning service, it'll be hard to tell that any building work has even taken place.

Just give us a call today and our team will be there to help plan and execute the after-build clean that perfectly suits your needs. We can figure out time slots that are convenient for you, go through any priority areas that are important to you, and give you a clear and simple quote. We look forward to working with you and helping your property get back its sparkle.

The Sparkle Gang
Why choose The Sparkle Gang for your after-builders cleaning

frequently asked questions

As an After-Builders Cleaning Service provider, we ensure that your space is liveable and free from construction debris post-renovation. Our services help eliminate dust, allergens, and potential health hazards, ensuring a safe and clean environment.

Absolutely, our After-Builders Cleaning Services are designed to cater to both residential and commercial properties. Our team has the expertise and the equipment to handle any size and scope of post-construction clean-up, ensuring a pristine finish.

Yes, our After-Builders Cleaning Service includes the removal of construction debris. We handle everything from larger debris to minute dust particles, leaving your property clean and ready for use.

Unlike regular domestic cleaning, After-Builders Cleaning Service involves tackling construction residues like cement, plaster, dust, paint splatters, and more. Our team is specially trained to handle such conditions, employing deep-cleaning techniques and specialised equipment to ensure thorough cleanliness.

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