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Hoarder Cleaning Sunderland

The process of hoarder cleaning is challenging and complex, and at The Sparkle Gang, we have a deep understanding of how difficult this can be both for the hoarder and for those taking charge of managing the cleanup process.

Whether you require hoarder cleanup in Sunderland after the individual has sadly died, are looking for help with managing your own clutter, or are trying to help a family member who is struggling with hoarding disorder, we can help you to navigate the process and ensure that the hoarder's house is safe to inhabit again.

When you contact our Sunderland team for help, we will discuss with you the situation in detail so that we can understand the approach we need to take. Next, our highly trained cleaning technicians will remove the clutter and ensure it is properly disposed of and then fully clean and decontaminate the property.

What is hoarding?

The NHS defines hoarding as a mental disorder that is characterised by acquiring an excessive number of items that are stored chaotically. Hoarding can be a symptom of another mental health issue, such as depression, psychotic disorders, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Hoarding can be triggered by a stressful situation such as the loss of a loved one and it is often associated with a difficult childhood.

Hoarder Cleaning
What is hoarding

What is the difference between hoarding and collecting?

Many people are passionate about collecting but they wouldn't be classed as suffering from hoarding. For hoarders, it can be impossible to determine the true value of the items that they keep, with many of them having no monetary value. The hoard is not organised and it becomes impossible to access the items that have been acquired.

How is hoarding treated?

Hoarding is a mental illness that requires careful professional help. The most common treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), practical solutions, and medications. For more information check out our post “how to deal with hoarders”.

What do people hoard?

One hoarder's home may look very different from another because they are hoarding different items. Common hoarding possessions include:

  • old newspapers, magazines, and books
  • clothes
  • containers such as Tupperware
  • rubbish
  • toys
  • posts, such as leaflets and letters
  • receipts
  • animals

Animal hoarding can be a particularly upsetting and dangerous situation to deal with. The animals often aren't taken care of properly, as much as the person intended to care for them, and dead animals are likely to be found once you start cleaning. Faeces and waste from the animals can also make the environment extremely hazardous to anyone entering the property.

Removal of the animals is a priority for many people who discover a friend or family member is hoarding them, for both the animals' sake and the health and safety of the hoarder.

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What are the challenges involved in a hoarding cleanup

What are the challenges involved in a hoarding cleanup?

Approaching a hoarder cleaning process should never be taken lightly. If you are friends with or a family member of the hoarder, it can be tempting to just take them out of the property and clear the house completely in their absence. But this isn't advised.

Getting rid of a hoarder's possessions without their consent can be incredibly traumatic for them because they have a deep emotional attachment to everything they have collected. And it will do nothing to prevent the hoarding situation from happening again.

Instead, it is better to work closely with the person and their counselling team to ensure that they can play an active role in discarding their hoarded items. It will still be a stressful time but it can also be a positive way for them to start afresh and try to heal.

Hoarder Cleaning

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Why is hoarder cleaning important?

Of course, no one's house has to be completely spotless all the time. And many of us are much more comfortable in lived-in homes that have a little bit of clutter. But a hoarding home takes this to such an extreme that it is very often an unsafe living environment for the person hoarding and for anyone who enters the property.

Dangers from hoarding include:

  • rodent and insect infestation and their associated illnesses
  • fire risk
  • collapse risk if the stack is high
  • spread of mould
  • bacteria and pathogens
  • trips and falls

Often the hoard begins to take over the house and can make affected areas impossible to use. So the person may end up unable to use their toilet or bathing facilities and be unable to access their kitchen safely. These areas of the house, in particular, can become unsanitary conditions and unsafe.

Hoarder cleanup becomes a priority because it is the only way to make the home a safe environment again.

Hoarder Cleaning
Why is hoarder cleaning important
Can I tackle hoarder cleaning myself

Can I tackle hoarder cleaning myself?

If the hoarding situation is at its very beginning, it may be possible to clear the clutter yourself. But hoarding often gets out of control very quickly and in its most extreme cases can be very dangerous to work on for a variety of reasons. So it is usually a better idea to bring in a professional cleaning company to assist you with the hoarding cleaning from the beginning.

Hoarder Cleaning


Stacks of clutter often hide serious cases of mould and once the clutter starts to be moved away, the mould spores will be released into the air. This will create a hazardous environment if you don't have the correct personal protective equipment to prevent you from breathing in the mould spores.


The mess will often also contain potentially hazardous bacteria, especially if there are animals in the situation. A professional will be able to ensure their safety during the removal process to ensure that the bacteria doesn't affect their health.


In extreme hoarding cases, the stacks of possessions may begin to take over entire rooms of the house. These stacks are often haphazardly arranged and once removal starts, the entire stack could collapse, injuring the person doing the cleaning.

As highly trained professionals, we are used to dealing with these types of dangerous situations and have clear plans in place for how to protect our technicians and the best way of dismantling hoards.


Hoarding situations can be breeding grounds for rodents, insects, and flies. They like the dark, warm, moist crevices deep within stacks of possessions. Once the stack starts to be removed, this can trigger these pests to come out of hiding, which can be a hazardous situation for anyone dealing with the hoarding cleanup.

We have the training and equipment to identify pest infestation and to properly remove it safely, while also protecting the health of our technicians during the hoarder clean.

Professional clean

Our cleaning technicians in Sunderland will use specialised professional cleaning products and equipment throughout the hoarder cleaning service. This equipment will ensure that the affected areas are cleaned to a much higher standard than regular home cleaning products can achieve.

They also have the training and experience to be able to deal with a hoarding clean. This is a very different type of cleaning than you would normally do at home and for the job to be completed properly, specific techniques will need to be used.

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How can the Sparkle Gang help with my hoarder clean?

We have a wide range of experience dealing with hoarder cleaning, and we have a clear process of how to tackle the process from start to finish. Most people find it difficult to know how to begin with the deep clean needed for hoarders' homes, which is understandable since it is a difficult situation with lots of complexities.

We can take the stress out of organising and carrying out a hoarder cleanup with our specialised hoarder cleaning services.

The Sparkle Gang
How can the Sparkle Gang help with my hoarder clean

If the person has died

If the person with the hoarding problem has died and you are moving forward with hoarder cleanup for their house, it can feel overwhelming. We will ensure proper disposal of unwanted possessions, as well as help you to identify if there are any valuable or sentimental items hidden amongst them.

Our hoarding clean service in Sunderland will guarantee a safe home after we leave. Whether you're looking to sell or you want it immediately inhabitable, we will ensure that it is ready.

If the person has died within the home as an unattended death, we also offer sensitive and thorough unattended death cleaning services and we will work closely with you to deal with such an upsetting situation while also ensuring that the home is clean and safe.

If the person still lives in the home

If you are looking for support with your hoarding disorder or you have concerns for a friend or family member in Sunderland, we can help you or them get your life back with our specialist hoarder cleaning service.

We will work closely with the hoarder throughout the process and ensure that any discarded items are chosen with consent. We also understand that not everything needs to be thrown away. Any sentimental or valuable pieces of property that the person does want to keep can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by us.

A hoarder cleanup can provide you with a clean slate and can be a very important step on the road to recovery from such a challenging disorder. The problem doesn't have to be kept behind closed doors. Professional cleaning companies, like The Sparkle Gang, have seen it all before and more.

Our professional cleaning technicians are respectful and sensitive and they will do all that they can to assist and support you during what can be a difficult and upsetting process. The affected hoarder will be involved at every stage. We do recommend that their counsellor and other support be kept involved in the process as well so that they can ensure that the individual is in the right frame of mind throughout.

Our hoarder clean really can change lives. Once the process is completed and the house is in a clean state again, then recovery can take its next step.

Our hoarder cleaning includes the following services:

  • waste removal and proper disposal in line with local ordinances
  • cleaning and disinfecting the entire home
  • pest control service, if needed
  • odour neutralising services, if needed
  • sanitising of sentimental property
How much does a hoarder cleanup cost

How much does a hoarder cleanup cost?

Hoarding cleaning costs can vary depending on the types of services required. The size of the hoard, whether there are any animals, if there is a pest infestation, and the presence of biohazards/waste removal can all affect the cost of the service. When you get in touch with us, we can provide you with a free quote based on your specific circumstances and work with you to ensure that we provide you with all of the services that you need to bring the property back to life again.

Hoarder Cleaning

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Don't waste time if you are faced with a difficult hoarding situation. We are ready to provide our specialised service to help you and your family move forward. Contact our Sunderland team today to find out how The Sparkle Gang can help you.

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frequently asked questions

Hoarder cleaning is quite distinct from regular house cleaning. It requires a more in-depth and thorough cleaning approach due to the significant accumulation of items, which could lead to potential hazards like mould, pests, and structural damage. Regular cleaning usually involves routine tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, whereas hoarder cleaning in the UK involves decluttering, deep cleaning, sanitising, and often dealing with biohazards.

Hoarder cleaning services in the UK handle sentimental items with great care and respect. The process usually involves discussing with the client about their comfort level and consent before moving or discarding any items. These services understand the emotional value attached to possessions and make sure not to discard anything without the client's approval.

Yes, hoarder cleaning services in the UK typically include waste disposal solutions as part of their service package. They follow proper waste management protocols and ensure that all unwanted items are disposed of in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. They also often coordinate with recycling centres or charities for items that can be reused or recycled.

Absolutely. After the hoarder cleaning process is complete, these services often assist in organising the remaining items and setting up the home in a functional manner. This stage is crucial in the UK, where space is often at a premium, and well-organised homes can significantly enhance the living environment and prevent a relapse of hoarding behaviour.

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