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Sharps Removal & Needle Sweeps Haltwhistle

If you need a needle sweep and sharps removal service in Haltwhistle and you want to ensure that it is completed safely and comprehensively, The Sparkle Gang can help you. Our expert technicians are fully trained and qualified in the identification and safe removal of all sharps, as well as in ensuring that the affected area is fully sanitised.

If you notice sharps or needles, don't delay getting in touch. These are dangerous objects that need to be disposed of safely as quickly as possible in particular because of the risk of pathogens such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. We can help with both residential and public areas, including outdoors.

What are sharps?

Sharps are precisely what they sound like - sharp instruments that can pierce the skin. Sharps are commonly found in areas where anti-social behaviour is likely and are often related to illegal drugs.

Sharps Removal
What are sharps

Common sharps include:

  • hypodermic needles
  • syringes
  • razors
  • razor blades
  • scalpels
  • broken glass
  • knives
  • scissors
  • blades

Where are sharps usually found?

Sharps related to drug use and their associated paraphernalia are often found in areas where this behaviour can be done out of sight. Common places where you might find sharps include:

  • toilets
  • parks and other public areas
  • car parks
  • alleyways
  • subways
  • abandoned buildings where squatters might congregate
  • bins
  • crack houses
  • heroin houses
  • drug labs

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Why is it so important to remove sharps

Why is it so important to remove sharps?

You should take immediate action to arrange sharps disposal as soon as you are aware that they are on the premises or in the area. Sharps of all kinds present a clear danger to anyone who enters the area.

Sharps Removal

Contamination with bodily fluids

Sharps used for intravenous drug use are contaminated with human bodily fluids such as blood. And human blood can carry serious blood-borne viruses and pathogens, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

Any needlestick injuries that occur from contact with these contaminated sharps carry a serious risk of infection and will require immediate contact with a health professional for assessment and treatment.


The danger of contamination from syringes and hypodermic needles is often the main focus of risk assessment when it comes to sharps but sharps injury of any kind can be hazardous to your current health. Sharps are, by their very nature, dangerous because they can pierce the skin.

Sharps injuries can range from a small cut to a much deeper and more serious wound. This is especially the case with sharps such as razor blades, knives, and broken glass.

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How to deal with sharps in Haltwhistle

Dealing with sharps can be daunting because of the risk to your safety associated with contaminated needles and other sharp objects.

Sharps Removal
How to deal with sharps

Identifying sharp object use

The first step is to recognize that there are sharps in an area. Sometimes, the sharps themselves can be difficult to spot but there can be some hints that a particular place may be hiding sharps.

These hints are related to the sort of lifestyle that is associated with sharps, and needles/syringes in particular. They include a derelict building that is likely to house squatters, drug paraphernalia such as foil and small plastic bags, and signs of human habitation such as food wrappers, human waste, and cigarette ends.

What to do next - disposing of sharp objects

If you suspect that an area may contain sharps, or you actually see sharps lying around, it is extremely important that this be reported immediately. Health and safety are a priority when you need to dispose of sharps so it is important to get help as soon as possible.

We are a professional cleaning company with extensive experience dealing with sharps waste removal in Haltwhistle. Our cleaning technicians are highly trained at recognizing sharps and with the proper techniques for removing them safely.

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Can I remove sharps myself?

Risk of injury

It is never best practice to attempt sharps waste disposal yourself. Without the essential personal protective equipment, you run a high risk of injuring yourself on the sharps. Professional cleaning companies, such as The Sparkle Gang, will use PPE such as anti-needlestick gloves and litter pickers that reduce their risk of personal injury and risks to their current health.

Proper sharps disposal

Sharps cannot be disposed of with normal waste. Sharps waste, and in particular sharps that have been contaminated with human bodily fluids, is classed as clinical or pharmaceutical waste and has to be disposed of in a specific way to be in line with legal regulations.

This includes the disposal of sharps waste in sharps containers that are coloured yellow and clearly marked as clinical/biohazard waste. In particular, this is related to the disposal of syringes and needles. Reusable sharps containers do exist, but to be in line with health and safety regulations the sharps container will need to be emptied properly.

The process and location to dispose of a sharps container will vary depending on the council in which you live and a local cleaning company can ensure the proper collection and disposal of the bins.

Finding sharps

Beyond the risk of injury, it is also highly likely that you will miss a large number of sharps. They are hard to spot and sharps removal specialists go through extensive training on how to uncover and identify sharps during needle sweeps.

What are needle sweeps

What are needle sweeps?

A needle sweep involves an in-depth and thorough search for sharps in a particular location. Needle sweeps are extremely important if you want to ensure that sharps aren't left in the area after cleaning.

As a professional cleaning company, we have developed clear techniques for how to conduct an extensive needle sweep that is effective. We will search every inch of an area for sharps, using our experience and knowledge of where they are most likely to have been left.

Sharps Removal

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Why use The Sparkle Gang for our sharps disposal services in Haltwhistle?

Whether you are a business owner, landlord, or property owner in Haltwhistle, if you have discovered or suspected sharps on your property, The Sparkle Gang can help.

Using our extensive experience and training, we will conduct a thorough needle sweep to ensure sharps that are anywhere in the area are discovered. We then will ensure that sharps and needles are safely disposed of using best practices in a sharps container as pharmaceutical waste.

All of our cleaning technicians take health and safety very seriously. They will have the appropriate safety mechanisms and will wear essential personal protective equipment to reduce their risk of sharps injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens and infections such as hepatitis B, C, and HIV.

Once we have removed the needles safely and ensured that they and other sharps are disposed of in a sharps container, we will thoroughly sanitise and decontaminate the area using industrial-strength disinfectants to ensure that it is completely safe.

Contact us today for a free quote and expert advice on how we can help you with the disposal of sharps and their associated paraphernalia and with cleaning and restoring the area to safety. Our experienced team of cleaning technicians will be on hand to guide you through the sharps disposal and needle sweep process every step of the way.

The Sparkle Gang
Why use The Sparkle Gang for our sharps disposal services

frequently asked questions

Sharps removal is a specialised service focused on the safe disposal of any sharp objects, including needles, syringes, and blades, typically in a healthcare setting in the UK. On the other hand, a needle sweep is a broader service that involves the inspection and cleaning of public and private spaces, such as parks or abandoned buildings, to locate and safely dispose of discarded needles and other drug paraphernalia.

Improper sharps disposal in the UK poses significant risks to public health and safety. These include the potential transmission of blood-borne diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, as well as the risk of physical injury from accidental needle-sticks. Additionally, it can lead to environmental pollution if sharps are not disposed of in designated containers and end up in general waste.

Yes, most sharps removal services in the UK are also equipped to handle a range of other biohazardous waste. This can include items such as soiled dressings, bodily fluids, and other medical waste. These companies follow strict regulations to ensure safe and compliant disposal of all types of biohazard waste.

If you find sharps in a public place in the UK, do not attempt to pick them up without appropriate safety equipment. Instead, report the location to your local council or call a professional sharps removal service. Ensure the area is kept clear to prevent accidents until the professionals arrive.

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