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Crime Scene Cleaning Hebburn & Trauma Cleaning Services

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup & Trauma Cleanup Services

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Crime Scene Cleaning Hebburn & Trauma Cleaning Services

Encountering a crime scene or trauma scene is shocking and the immediate hours and days can be confusing and scary. And cleaning up the crime scene is an unavoidable task that can be difficult to focus on, which is why a professional cleaning company such as The Sparkle Gang can prove invaluable.

Our highly trained technicians will help you to manage the crime scene cleanup, giving their expert advice and support, so you won't feel alone during the process. If you need our help with trauma cleaning or crime scene cleaning in Hebburn, our compassionate and experienced team is on hand to start the procedure with you.

Who is responsible for crime scene cleaning?

Many people mistakenly believe that the police and other emergency services are responsible for cleaning up after a crime or traumatic incident. While the police will remove human remains and evidence related to the crime, after they have finished their processing it is the homeowner's responsibility to arrange crime scene cleaning.

This can be challenging to organise, especially because crimes and traumatic events usually occur unexpectedly. Using professional cleaning services that you can trust will help you to get a handle on everything that needs to be done in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic incident or crime.

Crime Scene Cleaning
Who is responsible for crime scene cleaning

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Can I complete the crime scene cleaning myself

Can I complete the crime scene cleaning myself?

It is never advisable for you to attempt to complete crime scene cleaning yourself for a wide range of reasons. It is always better to seek help from professional crime scene cleaning services than to try and tackle the task yourself.

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

Hazardous waste

Blood, faeces, and other bodily fluids carry with them serious potential risks to your health. For example, blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis b and c or HIV can be a genuine risk when cleaning the blood and bodily fluids from contaminated areas. Similarly, faeces may contain bacteria such as E.coli which could make you seriously ill. For more information check out our post “steps of cleaning blood and body fluid spillage”.

A professional cleaning service, such as The Sparkle Gang, has the extensive training and personal protective equipment needed to safely remove and clean up potentially infectious materials, leaving the area safe again.

We will also ensure that any hazardous waste is disposed of safely and legally.

Level of cleaning

Crime scene cleaning is a specialised service. Proper cleaning of crime scenes or trauma scenes is essential to ensure that they truly are clean and safe again. For example, biological material can attract pests such as flies, so if the scene isn't cleaned properly in the beginning, a fly infestation may pose a problem later down the line. This may mean that pest control has to be brought in to make the area safe again.

A professional crime and trauma cleaning service consists of cleaners with a high level of training in how to properly clean after a crime or traumatic event. These crime scene cleaners will also have access to professional industry-level equipment and cleaning products.

This means that they can ensure that a trauma or crime scene is cleaned to a far higher standard than someone without those resources would be able to achieve.

Crime and trauma cleaning is a huge undertaking that can take many hours or even days even for a professional team of crime scene cleanup technicians. For an individual to attempt it, the task is almost certain to take much longer and the results are unlikely to be of the same safety or cleanliness level.


Crime scenes and trauma scenes don't just pose a health risk due to hazardous materials. They can often also contain objects that can cause physical injuries, such as broken glass, needles, broken furniture, and more.

A professional crime and trauma cleaning service will ensure the safe removal of any dangerous objects within the scene. They have the training to recognize dangerous situations and the equipment to ensure that any removal is safe. Trying to do so yourself, without the proper training and experience, can leave you vulnerable to getting hurt.

Legal implications

If the crime scene is located at your place of business, you have a responsibility to protect public health and the health of your employees. Attempting to clean something like a bodily fluid yourself, without the necessary training, may leave you open to legal ramifications if somebody were to become ill.

Accessing trained and professional crime scene cleaning technicians will ensure the safety of the public and your employees.

Mental health

A crime or trauma scene is very difficult to deal with, especially if it has come as a shock. Attempting to clean the scene yourself can add to the trauma that you are already dealing with and can be very upsetting.

Crime scene cleaners are trained in how to handle the types of traumatic situations that they often find themselves in without it causing them damaging psychological trauma.

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How The Sparkle Gang can help

If you find yourself facing the unenviable task of having to arrange a crime scene cleanup in Hebburn, The Sparkle Gang can help you to navigate your next steps. From the moment that you contact us, we will work with you to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. And we will develop a strong and compassionate working relationship with you to ensure that the cleanup is as easy and stress-free as it possibly can be.

Our cleaning technicians are highly trained, have expertise in crime scene cleanup services, and will carry out a full risk assessment when they visit the site. We offer a full range of crime and trauma clean-up services so once the work is carried out, the area will be back to being safe.

We also use professional-grade cleaning materials and equipment to ensure that the cleanup is to a high standard. If an object cannot be cleaned to the correct level, we will safely remove it from the site.

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Some of the trauma and crime scene cleaning situations we deal with include:

  • murder
  • physical assaults
  • suicide and self-harm
  • domestic accidents
  • road traffic accidents
  • industry accidents
  • unattended deaths
  • arson

We understand how difficult this time is for anyone arranging trauma and crime clean-up services, so we operate with sympathy, compassion, and care, always. Our services are discreet and efficient, and we will deal with all aspects of the crime scene cleanup process as soon as you contact us to help.

We also understand that crime scenes and trauma scenes are almost always unexpected so we are flexible and have a fast response time. We will be there as soon as you need us. And we can work with the emergency services on your behalf to make any necessary arrangements for access, details, or the removal of any materials for the crime scene cleanup.

The Sparkle Gang
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frequently asked questions

In the UK, professional crime scene cleaning services can handle a wide range of scenarios. This includes homicides, suicides, accidents, decompositions after an unattended death, drug labs, and biohazardous situations such as blood or bodily fluid spills.

In many cases, homeowners insurance in the UK does cover the cost of crime scene cleaning, although it can depend on the specifics of the policy. It's recommended to contact your insurance provider to understand the terms and conditions related to this service.

Untrained individuals in the UK handling crime scene cleaning could face significant health risks due to exposure to biohazardous materials like blood and bodily fluids, which can carry diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C. There's also the risk of incorrect disposal of biohazardous waste, which is strictly regulated by UK law.

Yes, crime scene cleaning services in the UK often include vehicle decontamination. This could be needed after road accidents, criminal activity, or if a vehicle has been used for illegal drug production or transportation, and can involve cleaning biohazards and removing harmful chemical residues.

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