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Ultimate Pub Cleaning Checklist

23 June 2023

It is a fact that people make a judgement about a pub in a matter of seconds. They walk in, take a look around and they instantly know whether they will feel comfortable there or not. And one of the main driving forces of this instant decision is the cleanliness of the pub. A dirty bar or pub is an instant turn-off for many would-be patrons, which is why it is so important to have a detailed pub cleaning checklist. That way you and your staff will know exactly which jobs need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly to keep your pub clean and inviting to all of your customers.

Health And Safety Regulations

Of course, keeping customers happy is just one reason to keep your pub clean. The other is to ensure that you meet health and safety regulations. Your pub will be regularly inspected as part of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) and if you don't meet their cleaning standards then you may get a poor rating or even get shut down.

Poor hygiene in a place that sells food and drinks can make customers seriously ill so all pub owners have a responsibility to do everything they can to keep their pub as clean as possible.

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Pub Or Bar Cleaning Checklist

As with at-home cleaning, some cleaning tasks need to be done every day, some need to be done weekly, and some deep cleaning tasks should be done fortnightly or monthly. In addition to that, you should make sure that you have a clear cleaning checklist after closing and before opening to ensure that the bar is clean for your customers.

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Pub Cleaning Checklist

Daily Bar Cleaning Checklist - Before Opening

Before you open, you should make sure that you complete the following tasks:

  • Clean the entranceway - ensuring that any rubbish bins are empty, that the welcome mat is clean, and that there are no cigarette ends or empty bottles lying around
  • Wipe down the bar - make sure that the bar counter is wiped down, as are the tables
  • Set up bar mats ready for customers to use
  • Check the dates on juices, bottles, and cans
  • Wipe down glassware and liquor bottles
  • Hoover, sweep, and mop floors
  • Clean bathroom surfaces and restock toilet roll
  • Disinfect the toilets
  • Arrange bar stools
  • Stock up on wine keys, beer openers, and clean towels
  • Refill ice bins
  • Refill fridges with bottled and canned beer
  • Prepare lemons, limes, and other fresh fruit
  • Open wine bottles
  • Check keg levels

Daily Bar Cleaning Checklist - During Service

It is important to keep up with bar cleaning tasks during service. It needs to be kept as clean as possible so that it is an enjoyable environment for the last customer as well as for the first.

  • Regular cleaning and wiping down of tables and the bar top
  • Replace beer mats regularly
  • Sweep up fallen food
  • Wash glasses
  • Regular cleaning of the bathroom and toilets
  • Refill napkins
  • Regular switching to clean lines
  • Change towels often
  • Straighten up chairs and bar stools
  • Switch out or wipe down menus regularly
  • Empty rubbish bins as needed
  • Run dirty dishes and glasses to the back to be washed
  • Clean glasses as needed

Daily Bar Cleaning Checklist - Before Closing

Closing procedures are just as important as opening ones. The bar will need to be in a good enough state that the opening cleaning checklist can be completed easily.

  • Use sanitizing solution to clean bar top, stools, tables, and menus and leave to air dry
  • Sweep and mop behind the bar
  • Clean the speed rails
  • Wipe down bottled or canned beer and wine/liquor bottles
  • Rinse out the drains
  • Wash the drain covers
  • Wipe down beer handles
  • Clean out beer taps
  • Sanitise soda guns
  • Run floor mats through a wash
  • Lay down clean floor mats
  • Dispose of empty bottles and restock fridges and shelves
  • Run the dishwasher or power wash
  • Throw away fresh mixers
  • Sanitise door knobs
  • Melt remaining ice and clean ice bins
  • Clean garnish containers, stirrers, and other tools
  • Clean glassware

Weekly Bar Deep Cleaning Checklist

As well as the daily cleaning tasks, a more deep cleaning needs to be done weekly to keep the bar clean.

  • Empty and clean fridges and freezers
  • Clean the shelving that holds glassware and bottles
  • Deep clean the bathroom and toilets
  • Clean reach-in coolers
  • Clean behind furniture
  • Dust light fixtures, picture frames, and other fittings as well as visible surfaces
  • Sanitise the keg lines using a keg line brush
  • Clean beer lines
  • Keep on top of pest control methods
  • Sort, organise, and clean cabinets
  • Dust and rotate glasses on shelves
  • Inspect equipment for damage
  • Reorganise behind the bar area

Monthly Or Bi-Monthly Deep Cleaning Checklist

Some tasks don't need to be completed weekly but they are very important as they ensure that your bar is clean from the ground up. Aim to complete these once a month or every couple of months, and sooner if needed.

  • Strip and wax the floor
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Cleaning the bathroom grout
  • Cleaning the vents and grills
  • Mould, plumbing, and pest inspections
  • Pull out larger pieces of furniture and equipment and clean and sanitise behind and underneath

Bathroom Bar Cleaning Checklist

The bathrooms of your bar or pub will always need special attention. These are the areas that can get unsanitary very quickly so they need to be inspected regularly. It is a good idea, as part of your bar cleaning schedule, to have a member of staff check the bathrooms every hour.

They can replace the toilet roll, sanitise the toilet bowls, empty the bins if needed, mop the floors if needed, and check for any messes that need attention.

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Cleaning Beer Lines

Keeping on top of your beer lines is an important bar cleaning task that should ideally be completed weekly. Mould and bacteria can easily grow within beer lines and beer taps and can contaminate the beer which could make your patrons very ill. They can also become contaminated with limestone, brownstone, and yeast.

Cleaning beer lines is a pretty simple task, once you know what you're doing. If there are specific instructions that apply to your beer lines, make sure that you follow them.

You should only ever clean your beer lines when your pub is closed as beer line cleaners can be toxic. Because of this, you should also ensure that it is made clear when the beer lines are being cleaned. This can be as simple as a paper sign.

Fill the cleaning vessel with cold water and turn off the gas taps to the kegs. Then you should disconnect the keg couplers and clean them using a specialist cleaning solution and keg line brushes.

Then spray each cleaning ring main socket before connecting them, after which you can turn on the gas or compressed air supply. Bleed until the beer has been replaced by water and then open each tap, again until the beer has been replaced by water, before closing them again.

Add the cleaning solution to the cleaning vessel and fill it with water. Then go back through and bleed the FOB detectors and beer taps until the cleaning solution replaces the water. Then leave for the recommended time.

Repeat the bleeding and filling process twice more, waiting for the recommended time each time. Add more cleaning solution if needed.

Then go through and replace the cleaning solution with water, bleeding it through. Then turn off the gas or compressed air, reconnect the gas to the kegs, and bleed the FOB detectors and beer taps until the water is replaced with beer. Make sure that the beer looks, smells, and tastes normal.

Who Should Do The Bar Cleaning? Do I Need A Professional Cleaning Company?

Whether or not you use a professional cleaning company, and how often you do, will depend on a few different factors. These will include the size of your pub and how many staff you have.

Some people choose to have their bar staff complete the in-service cleaning and bring in professionals for their deep bar cleaning, before closing, and/or before opening. After all, you probably don't need a professional cleaner to change out bar mats but it might be a good idea to have one to make sure everything is sanitised and safe.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company to help you with your bar cleaning, get in touch with us here at The Sparkle Gang. We have plenty of experience with the ins and outs of bar cleaning and how to keep your bar safe, sanitary, and inviting to customers.

We will work with you to help to keep your business clean so that you never make a bad impression again and we will also ensure that it meets all health and safety rules and regulations. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and use all of the highest quality cleaning products and equipment. We can also be flexible to work within your business needs.

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